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Exchange and Return Policy

At Gathering..your satisfaction is our goal

For the sake of your safety, Gathering does not allow return or exchange of beauty and care products even if they are in their original condition,

Except for the products that arrive to you only damaged.

You can also return some hardware products provided that they have not been used or opened and are in the original condition as received from Gathering.

Q: Is there a fee for return?

When returning a healthy, undamaged product, i.e. in its original condition, the fees will be borne by the customer and will be deducted from the value of the returned product.

However, when returning the damaged product, Gathering bears the full fees.

Q: How can I exchange/return a damaged product?

A: Our customer service colleagues will be happy to serve you in this regard by sending you a ticket on demand or via customer service through WhatsApp 0501015733, provided that the replaced / returned product is in its original condition and in its original packaging and has not been used, opened or changed the packaging features of the product.

Q: How long is the period allowed to replace / return the damaged product?

A: You can exchange / return the damaged product within 3 days of purchase.

Q: How long does the replacement / return process take for a damaged product?

A: At Gathering we work hard to make you satisfied, the exchange/return process may take up to 10 customer days longer.

Q: In the return process, how can I get the amount I paid back?

A: The amount will be refunded after the damaged product reaches us and its condition is confirmed, and then the amount is transferred to your account immediately.

Q: In the replacement process, what are the steps taken about it?

A: When you want to replace the damaged product, and choose the replacement product, we ask you to transfer the amount of the difference between the damaged product and the replacement product.

At Gathering..your satisfaction is our goal